Three to Start

Here are the first three poems: dogs, guitars and nonfunctional hands.

Solid, semi-hollow, hollow bodied
Reverberating from within out
Projecting sweet noise at a pluck, a strum.

Amped, noise picked up and sent on through
The head and speaker.
Turn of the dials:
Clean, smooth, like one savors a truffle
Turn again to feel
The pulse of distortion, heartbeat that drives the pit.

Loose and out of tune or right on standard pitch;
Add a pedal, even quite a few:
Head off to the stratosphere
Off to six feet under.

Instrument of Godliness to throngs of fans.
A brush that paints dollars for some
And art for the rest.

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Hello world!

This is where I will be posting poems that I decide the world should get to see, my virtual poetry gallery if you will. These poems will have a wide range of  subject matter  from animal based poems about my horse, cats or dogs;  to music related poems that talk of guitars, bands and genres; to poems about nature and the creatures of this blue marble we call Earth; to poems that let normal people into the shell I live in everyday. …And more as the inspiration comes. No interest will be left behind on this crazy journey.

I hope you’ll enjoy the viewing, and visit often. Hey, maybe this will even turn into a book or two one day. A girl can dream, right?