An unusual comparison

This one is a poem that looks at a bi-product of having two strokes and making an unusual comparison with the bi-product and the music I listen to everyday. Anyone who knows what kind of music I listen to, there is more to me than just one genre. Now here’s today’s poem to speak for itself: 

Eyes cast down, then up
Destination in mind
A simple task, going here to there
If only less thinking was involved.
Step- not toe first;
Step- heel then toe.

A gait-helper not needed;
I can-walk without the plastic and nylon
Encircling my foot, but
Always insistences to wear.


Rigid, plastic
Holds my foot right.
With a strap above my ankle
And another across my foot,
No toe-heel step now.


Unlike the confining nature of that brace,
Music liberates me,
My spiritual SMO.
Loud, brash; in my face,
Or heartfelt and comforting
Rock, Metal: my religion
An escape; haven from life.

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