PVC Hotel

Everyday for the last couple of weeks, I would go outside to feed my horse and then power walk up and down the length of my parents property while listening to whatever my iPod played. I would do this for thirty minutes to slightly over an hour.  Right as I would be getting ready to head inside, I would look over a series of PVC pipes that sit in the corner. On the outside of and within the pipes would be various tree frogs just hanging out. A part of me wanted to believe that the frogs were there because it was warm, but the problem with that is you cannot feel the heat from the flood lights which are right above this corner and it is the middle of the winter. As maybe some of you can imagine, I was slightly confused as to why they hung out on something that probably was not the warmest of materials in the winter (lows around 45 degrees at night).

To top off this story of mine, just the other day there was another guest at the PVC Hotel. I had to look for this other guest and I got very excited when I spotted him: a green anole. Big whop, right? Well, I got excited about seeing this little guy as the brown anoles from Cuba are faster than the Florida native species and therefore are breading and eating the green anole populations out of their territories. As a result, I hardly ever see the native green anole.  So, as far as I was concerned there was a reason to get excited.

“I saw a green anole, I saw a green anole, I saw a green anole, I saw a green anole!”

(Ahem) Any ways…..This poem came out of me seeing the tree frogs and the gren anole hanging out around the PVC at night. Here’s:

The Gang at PVC Hotel.

Hiding within white PVC pipes
under flood lights, large slit eyes
of emerald and jade stare outward;
tree frogs. Sudden movement--
heavily muscled hind legs
slide their forms
down the pipe
out of sight,
out of danger
or so they hoped.

Up higher,
less visible
than his
a green anole.
What a rare
treat to see
one such as
him, out
by his


Thank you for reading! 😀 If you were wondering about my little cheer above, yes I thought it was necessary. To me green anoles are something to celebrate over.

Remember to tell your coworkers, family and friends about this blog. I have a big goal in mind: make a book of poetry. If that book is likely to sell, people have to know about the poetry (or so I’m hoping. That is why I’m putting them out on the internet: so people will be more willing to buy the book when it comes out as they will recognize my name).

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I hope everyone has a wonderful, if not chilly Thursday!



One thought on “PVC Hotel

  1. gary burdick says:

    Very nice Corb.

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