From the sky

This poem came about in quite a comical way. I was sitting on a bench at one of the gazebos between the Fine Arts building and the Natural and Environment Sciences building writing a separate poem, when something brown fell directly onto the book I was writing in. I was so startled by this little guy’s drop onto my book, I almost screamed. 😀 After a few seconds, I realized that it was only a gecko and that he was probably more afraid of me than I had a right to be of him. The funny thing is that I think that all lizards, snakes, turtles and amphibians are very cool, a little weird I know, but then again, I probably should hate all Cane Toads (marine toads, bufo marinus) as the poison from one ended up killing one of my dogs. The thing is: I don’t look at it’s introduction to Florida as its fault. As a result, I can’t bring myself to hate a species that humans let loose such as the Cane Toad.

Well…. that was a little off subject. Any way, from being freaked out by a little lizard relative like a super preppy girl came a surge of inspiration to write this poem.

Here’s Flying Gecko:

Leaping down
from the rafters above,
flying gecko you startled me in
your fall to earth. 

On the verge of bolting, I
watch you plaster your
chocolate self to my book. 

Ever watchful,
I follow you to the bench
next to me. I wish I knew
what frightened you so;
I only want to observe you,
I find you neat.

As I make my move
to grab you--
and you're on the pathway.
A few more flash steps and
you disappear behind

I only wished
to say, "how nice of you
and say hello," before you left.

Thank you for reading! As always, I appreciate it. Do you know what else would make me happy: if you would be so kind as to pass my blog around to all your friends, family members and coworkers :P.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


One thought on “From the sky

  1. gary burdick says:

    Loved it! Last stanza (?) very clever. LOL

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