Ebbing Tide Part 3

Long forgotten kite
Broken and torn
Jostled by the swell
Of Life’s ebbing tide.


On My Disability

All this mention of disability
Doesn’t mean I want your pity
I’ve had this twenty-three years
And conquered many of my fears

There was a time when I hated
Living with this body I was handed
A bite or a hit when things went wrong
All because I was too headstrong.

But now things are different,
I work to improve my movement.
This body still likes to be lazy
So sometimes I get a little crazy

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Stage Nightmare

A vision of what could be
During a night so clear
Messed up timing
Falling behind missing
One note then more;
A real fear of mine.

Dirty looks from those
I share the stage
Disappointment in the crowd,
All around
A push to get through
Even though I know I’m screwed

With a start I’m pulled
Back to reality– just
The night and my bed.
It only took them seconds
Before my springs welled up
And rivers rushed
Down my cheeks.

Fetal positioned with only
Myself to nurse this pain
A promise is made
Between that may be and I:
Break down the walls to
Show all what I can do.
Naysayers can talk their talk
But I will strut my walk.