Hard Workers Deserve a Little Rest

Hardest Worker I Know
Laying peacefully in my lap
naturally bent in the usual position
weaker right hand sleeps away the morning.

Always pushing to do what I ask
like a dog who only wants to please,
sleep is justified.

Fingers bend toward my belly
turned ever so slightly upward
thumb pressing into my middle finger

Feels nice for once to find you
this relaxed without the
over spastic twitching present.

Vice gripping picks just to hold
pliable pieces of plastic to play
electric or acoustic guitars.

Leveraging hefty feed bags
to assist in transporting grain
to the holding can

Transferring clothing: basket to washer,
washer to dryer,
dryer to basket for folding

Aiding Lefty in folding towels,
socks, pants: high up to keep the clean
from the dirty.

For one supposed to be so useless
you do¬† so much; you’ve earned
the rest you find on any day.


2 thoughts on “Hard Workers Deserve a Little Rest

  1. creidk says:

    Love your tenderness for hard worker! C

  2. Maggie says:

    I like that you use poetry to describe your current situation.

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