Mental Tether For Man and Horse

The hand, a curry comb
Or a horse’s teeth;
A grooming block
To chase away
That winter hair.
Herd ritual preformed
Between two equine;
Not performable
Without another
What’s me, the lead mare for:
Perform that dynamic role.

Hands on interaction
Strengthens our horse-human bond
A snack with a complementary
Massage and shedding treatment,
Perfect for the alert horse in your pasture.

One might ask, “Why use your hands;
Don’t you have a brush for that?”
To which I say, “But of course
I have a brush; why use pliable plastic
When my fingers do so much more?”
Fingers are like horse-teeth
Grab and pull away
Is the name of the game here.
Nature’s inventions
Lead to better connection–
A mental leash between
Man and beast.


One thought on “Mental Tether For Man and Horse

  1. Beth says:

    what a great connection.

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