Least Favorite Thing

Proselytizing, my least favorite action
Pushing beliefs onto another—
I find that repulsive.

All divine practices
Have the same core systems
We find it necessary
To call them different names

No issue here for a discussion—
Agnostic with a flexible mind

Beauty can be found
Amongst all the faiths
No singular one
Is the absolute truth.
Each holds a rewording
A rethinking
A reworking
Of practices eons old.

Wonder can be found
Around every bend.
Not all events
Are good or bad
Light or dark.
The line is always blurred,
Gray and indistinct.

That shaded line
Turns contour line
Bolded and enlarged
When people shove faiths
Down others’ throats.
Violently or nonviolently;
It is all the same.

A debate is all and good
Even on matters of faith, belief
When you say, “This IS the truth.”
The talk is over:
I’ll let you preach,
But your words won’t reach
This person you see.

Above I have stated
My reasons for my feelings
Proselytizing, my least favorite action
Pushing beliefs onto another—
I find that repulsive.

Searched For

A flung open cabinet drawer
Whose contents scatter the floor
Lays discarded, forgotten
In my search for that word.

Labels which declare:
Places, people, objects, animals
Countries, schools, history, occupations;
And too many more to mention
All thrown about without a care
In my search for that word.

“Hey, Fyji quit doing that!”
Wait, that’s not Fyji
That’s Journey….
Why did I call a black and white dog
Another’s name who’s red?

Many, mismatch names
At some point in their life;
But not the way I do.

Word retrieval is easy when
The mental cabinetry
Is neat and tidy.

A pigsty is mine
With word cards
Missing, misfiled.
Count your blessings
If simple verbs, nouns
Are within your gasp
When you want them.

In my search for that word
I’ve pulled out every drawer
Sought and hunted
Without a lead
Without a clue to what
I was looking for.

Hours pass before I have it
That word I was searching for.

Influenced By What?!

Words sung in desire:
Love’s dwindling spark.
As another passes by and
Passion’s flame jumps.

Words sung in despair;
Dreams carried only so far.
Feelings voiced to empty canyons;
Hope extinguished with a gust

Words sung in passion
Mystery solved: identity learned.
A match lit with flattery;
Doves fly ever higher.




Kudos to anyone who can figure out what influenced this poem. A hint is in the tags :P.

Then and Now: Chocolate Delight versus Coded Memories

Memories from the past:
Reminders of then and now.
Out with the old
In with the new.

Growth and development
Landscape there for manipulation.
Throngs of sheep herded
To this sleepy place.
Green forests, grassy fields
Replaced with concrete habitat.

A snapshot of pine forests
From a bygone time
Lightens  my mood
As store fronts are passed on by.

The sweet memories of childhood;
Chocolate delights at every remembrance
The coded memories of adult times:
Wolfed down without a pause.

Swimming Against Riptides

Swimming this great ocean basin
Found encased within my mind
I try to head for shore
But, riptides shove me farther.

I should give thanks
To the bodily lifeline poison to organs
Mutations set the stage
Props and elements designed
For my single character play.
All that was left
Was the catalyst to react.

Today, life has taken its toll
And robbed me of my last change
Do you have a spare dollar
You are willing to part with?

Listen to me moan;
Listen to me groan.
Even I can’t stand
When this regression occurs.

A reboot is all I need;
A break from all this rushing around.
Some time to remember
The accomplishments and
So called impossible goals
I have achieved up to now
And plan to attain
Momentarily just out of reach.

Give me a moment
This is just one more Berlin Wall
I have found blocking my way.
I’m sure some can relate
To this emotional state
And understand
This speed bump
Used to trip me up
As I breeze along my merry way.

Emotional Amusement Park

Reeling around and around
As a dog chases his tail.
Serpentines, circles, ovals
First right then left
Then right then left yet again.

Longing for that soft caress
An embrace without
Conditional fine print
Contracts; wants and feigned needs
In exchange for safety and security.

Carnival rides on endless loops
No queues filled with smiling faces;
Only isolation and loneliness
As cars solar powered
Run well designed tracks.

Emotional burden for the shell
Swinging ship between the extremes
Unnecessary words vocalized
Mind’s rebellion when finished
From bubbling brook to erupting volcano.

Just let me be
Fighting is futile

Leave the casket
With bare bones exposed

A day in my life
On display found
Only at this exhibit.

As battles rage within
Serenity’s death mask
Faces the outside.

Here for a short time
See it while you can

Before the juice runs out
And my amusement rides
Rest in neutral position
And I vacate these grounds.