Self Relfection

Listening to rhythms only these ears can hear
Feeling straining fibers within my arch
Pop goes my wrist at the slightest lift
My leaning tower aches for some relief.

Do I accept this form,
This dysfunctional existence?
Can I see who I am right now
As the night throws down it’s darkened blanket?

Losing myself in visual historical fiction and
Forgetting this exoskeleton I can’t shed
With every sensation, shouldn’t I rejoice
For here I am, alive!

(Not everyone can proudly say that!)

Running away from what can’t be expelled
Is only resistance to facing a reality
Inescapable, except in death;
An option discarded as soon as concepted, so

There’s no getting away from me.
I might as well face myself head on
Then hide, apart from who I am,
As living while hiding, just isn’t my style.


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