Japan’s Brand of Adventure

Losing herself in an adventure
Fantastical in every sense

Getting lost in the story
Focused on another’s life

Role playing Japan’s way
Characters with predetermined tales

A rush of adrenaline
With every lesson learned

While all aware of the passing time
Enjoying the successes, the failures

Games imported from the Rising Sun
Entertain her when no one’s around.

Momentary Snapshots

Snapshots taken without a means
To forever treasure them

A clear jar adorned in colorful stones
Black stenciling proclaiming show placement

The air space just above our heads
Filled with many of nature’s greatest pilots

Hanging from a cabinet door
Ribbons  displaying the results of  great breeding

Rapids of a New Format

A challenge she desired
Something to get the juices flowing
Channel ideas otherwise stagnant.

Sameness breeds boredom:
Inside the box
Outside the box;
New outlooks arise
With an abandonment
Of the status quo.

Uncertainty reaches out to
Discomfort with new formats;
Change is always constant.

She now yearns to kayak
Those rapids of trepidation
In effort to see
Art in a new light,
Craft with new clarity;
Will you join her?

Blue Gray Then

Patches of whit fluff
Over steel gray sky barges
Dot the vast ocean sky.

From down on the surface
These slow moving giants
Breed distant thoughts
Hopeful for a little rain.

No metamorphic drops
To fall on this patch of earth

Only clear focus
Allows that wish
To vocalize desires
Not yet to be.

Maybe another day
Maybe another week

But until the time arrives
That blue gray atmosphere
Is merely a snapshot
Amongst many from that moment then.

Two From the Musical Selection

moving to the groove
bass line hitting
the spot

head wobbling;
a bobble head
moving with
the beat

head banger,
metal head;
call this girl what you will

always there
never judging
a shoulder to lean upon

heavy music
wraps around the psyche
an embrace which lets go
only after turned off

blooms from the ashes
of rage’s bloody path;
a phoenix rises

thrown the hardest
bounce harmlessly
with this vest

here to say
don’t judge
music is what you
make of it

hard rock
heavy metal
just two brands
from the available selection.

Slithering Road

To drive down your winding path
   And leave all cares on the driveway
        Gives me such exhilaration.
                 Rubber grips asphalt
              As I guide down your byway,
         Feeling as my many horses
   Go through their paces.
 Man made landscapes fly by:
   Walls to keep lives private,
     Roofs and four walls 
       Designed to keep secrets in,
    Sectioned off courts 
  Where structured games play out.
 Along your winding spine 
     Nature takes the helm
        Grand oaks and pines dominate
           This new skyline 
               Serenity embraces these surroundings
              Before my natural habitat
             Makes his return 
            To the scene 
           And snaps me 
           Back to reality.   

Childhood and Infantile Stats

I know this is not my usual type of post, but I wanted to elaborate on my previous poem. The poem I posted was about childhood and infantile stroke. I would like to provide you here with several links which will provide the statistics (I didn’t want to mention myself) for childhood and infantile stroke.

CHASA: http://www.chasa.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/chasa_pediatric_stroke_fact_sheet_2012.pdf

American Stroke Association: http://www.strokeassociation.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@adv/documents/downloadable/ucm_302255.pdf


In the case of adults, here is a link from the American Stroke Association:

Warning signs of stroke:  http://www.strokeassociation.org/idc/groups/heart-public/@wcm/@hcm/documents/downloadable/ucm_434181.pdf

The month of May is stroke month as well as pediatric stroke month so spread the word and pass these along to everyone you know as stroke can be a killer when the warning symptoms are not recognized or passed off as “nothing”.

May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness

This girl wasn’t a fluke;
Wolves in sheep’s skin
Of various species
Attack children often.

From this end there’s
No interest in throwing stats;
Only some awareness
To enlighten the normal masses.

Mine was a red wolf
Spreading death across
The pasture
Of intelligence.

Others, a gray wolf
Silently hunting
Blocking escape routes
In their massacre.

A chicken stealing fox
Picking off through the wire;
A coyote attacking
The heart needed to exist.

There are many others
Whose damage no one sees
Delayed development
Recognized as time trucks along.

Causes point to understanding
Except when none step forward
Spread the news this month:
Fetuses, infants, kids and teens

All can have strokes!