Blue Gray Then

Patches of whit fluff
Over steel gray sky barges
Dot the vast ocean sky.

From down on the surface
These slow moving giants
Breed distant thoughts
Hopeful for a little rain.

No metamorphic drops
To fall on this patch of earth

Only clear focus
Allows that wish
To vocalize desires
Not yet to be.

Maybe another day
Maybe another week

But until the time arrives
That blue gray atmosphere
Is merely a snapshot
Amongst many from that moment then.

One thought on “Blue Gray Then

  1. creidk says:

    Corbyn, I read some of your poems to Dr K: “Wow! Where did she learn to do that?” What a delight your poetry is; I am so enjoying watching your experimenting. Did I see ts elliott the other day? Terrific, Corbyn, just terrific!

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