Another Day, Another Start

pin head irritants
swatting instead of being

soaked sneakers squeak
their greeting

dew drops caressing
droopy Nubian ears

peaking morning sun
too shy to greet us two

bleating calls turned wailing cries
with the start of this new day

Childhood and Infantile Stats

I know this is not my usual type of post, but I wanted to elaborate on my previous poem. The poem I posted was about childhood and infantile stroke. I would like to provide you here with several links which will provide the statistics (I didn’t want to mention myself) for childhood and infantile stroke.


American Stroke Association:


In the case of adults, here is a link from the American Stroke Association:

Warning signs of stroke:

The month of May is stroke month as well as pediatric stroke month so spread the word and pass these along to everyone you know as stroke can be a killer when the warning symptoms are not recognized or passed off as “nothing”.

May is Pediatric Stroke Awareness

This girl wasn’t a fluke;
Wolves in sheep’s skin
Of various species
Attack children often.

From this end there’s
No interest in throwing stats;
Only some awareness
To enlighten the normal masses.

Mine was a red wolf
Spreading death across
The pasture
Of intelligence.

Others, a gray wolf
Silently hunting
Blocking escape routes
In their massacre.

A chicken stealing fox
Picking off through the wire;
A coyote attacking
The heart needed to exist.

There are many others
Whose damage no one sees
Delayed development
Recognized as time trucks along.

Causes point to understanding
Except when none step forward
Spread the news this month:
Fetuses, infants, kids and teens

All can have strokes!

These Four Walls

These four walls my audience
As I rehearse lines what could be said
At another time,
Maybe some other place.

Phrases to questions
Only asked by consciousness with a
Potential of any probability
For real life situations.

Strange, some may think;
A sign of intelligence, others may say;
Just trying to appear normal
Is my excuse.

There is proof in conversations spoken
That show fluidity where otherwise, the alternative:
A broken flow, a shattered steady stream
Reduced to catchphrase sentences.

Excuses may be excuses,
But with connections always repairing
Lost communications between their neighbors
These talks make the flow normal.

Lost In the Wind

Overwhelmed by charging ideas
Then distant cicadas.
A connection lost as
Concepts float out of reach.

In frenzied chaos
Lures are cast out;
Nets positioned for the anticipated catch.
Many long hours spent
Wasting time checking and rechecking
Futile as it were
And nothing done as proof
For the ideas slipped away
Right under my nose.