The Big B-Day

That big day is here
The day some dread
And the young rejoice.

24 years ago
I came screaming into the world
A reason to wake up
For the one who was bored.
(Love ya, mom!)

Happiness became fear
Once the fragility of life was revealed-
A hidden monster tried to snuff out this young life.

All those years ran away
When innocence turned into maturity.
Present moments, flashes in time
Memories cherished regardless
Of circumstantial results.

This day begins the next year
Of a life long past expiration-
May it be a decent as the last!

An Evening Filled

The whine of a needy puppy
Faintly sounds from across the house.

Insistent drip, drip, dripping;
A reminder of jobs left unfinished.

Nails frantically hitting metal:
The ringing bell of a dog wanting out.

Wooden creaks and groans,
Constant shifting weight as pen meets page.

Mechanical drone pervades the silence:
A wordless announcement of, “We are still here.”

This is an evening filled with waiting
For the disturbance to break this stillness.

Anger’s Black Rose

A black rose
with a stem
full of thorns
bloomed rapidly as Anger’s seed rose from
the Mind’s Field.

Memories act as the catalyst, burning the green field,
laying waste to happiness
and setting the stage
for the thorn bush to

After some deliberation,
a spark
of recognition
halts the continual
watering from within.

A foreseeable urge
to pick the blackened rose;
a bow
in acceptance
and acknowledgment:
the plant withers away,
content with the response.

Haunting Crow Calls

Distant crow calls-
Haunting reminders of the winter
Just around the corner.

Snowed in is not the issue-
Big chills down south
Equals death to sub tropical natives.

Black ice is hardly seen-
Drivers slip and slide any ways
On puddles after a good rain.

Snow birds fly on down-
To enjoy the sun, block up the roads
Like more than a few’s noses.