A Christmas Eve Celebration

Gifts given with a laugh
Induced stomach ache

Good natured and goofy
A family tradition.

Here’s a box of chocolates;
A light up toy from the back

Balls for the dogs
Some resistance:

Tug-o-war between two snouts and a hand
Misplaced belief in what matters.

Material presents minimally discussed;
The real treats: jokes for all!

Roars and squeaks go around
As ridiculous things spring forth

Heads shake while more is dished out
Another round to go around.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
This is my treat to you.

Brain Fart

Nearly neglecting to write,
A pick at my own mind for a coherent
Yanks gibberish from the void.

Ideas refuse to open up
From within the chilled
Breaks dumb down the hard working brain.

The brick wall which stands so
Forces the exploration of other venues
To conquer the obstacle.

This brain fart writer’s block
The flow from motherboard to Internet.
This piece, the key to unlock prose inside.

The Weekend of Meet the Breed

Winding down from
Greetings and explanations-
“Come see the AHT!”

“Oh, is this like the Xolo?”
Questions and answers
Passed back and forth.

Only a few people matter
Judges need some education
In matters concerning breed

Conformation-qualifications of
Faults versus acceptable traits.
Correct information is better than falsifications.

The weekend of breed booths
One long showcase of various dogs
Is at long last over

And finally normality
Can resume the broadcast
Of babysitting and reading.

A Day of Triplets

A date of triplets
The last one I’ll see
A little irony here
As this date fell on my final exam.

Too bad no party was thrown
With food and drink to go all around
Or fireworks set off
To celebrate this unique day.

Simple questions were taking up real estate;
There was no time to ponder up
Any philosophical meaning
Behind what it all could mean.

There is one thing though:
This day may be like any other day
With everything as usual, but
There won’t be another like this

Until long after I’m dead.