Decision By The River Part 1

The sun was hot, but the breeze chill, as Kate stood beneath the shade, her Parasol tilted slightly behind her. Around her, couples and families were picnicking, enjoying this pleasant day by the river. Screams of mirth and bits of conversation surrounded Kate as she looked out across the river, from where she stood in her blue and gray dress. Her eyes scanned the happy faces as she subconsciously reached up for her cap. Halfway there, she dropped her arm sighing.

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Vengeful Gray Sky

Smothered by a steel gray blanket
Encasing machine and life in its embrace;
Winter without the whipping cold.

Heavy drops splatter across the view
Angry red lights, screeching tires.
Waves splash outward, hydroplaning cars.

Crawling after recovery, panic rising
Who will squeeze and nose through?
Who will react and slam bumpers?

Danger escalating with each passing minute
A ray of light, a reprieve from the vengeful sky
Relieves the pressure. All relax into the drive.

Writing Prompt: Person, Place, Song

Something a little different. Hope you like it.     

The first time I heard “Bible Black” by Heaven and Hell, I was at a former home absentmindedly strumming my Martin guitar. The television was off, but the DIRECTV and sound receivers were both on so I could hear the crying guitars and Ronnie James Dio’s solemn voice fill the darkened and empty space I occupied. It was the wailing sound that hit me squarely in my chest. My mind went numb and I stared ahead dumbly like a deer in the headlights. Both my arms became dead weights and the pick I was cleverly using to work out a guitar part clattered to the floor. It was after I had laid the guitar on the couch that I regained enough self control to realize that the distorted sound had captured me. Fascinated by what I heard, I closed the distance between me and the television in several strides and turned it on. Stock-still, I watched a CGI music video in black and red play out before me. In the right corner, silhouetted figures I assumed were the band members were swaying and moving to their music. Just left of them, a wyvern carried a black angelic figure up the side of a tower. My head rolled on my shoulders left to right and back again in time with the music. Self control was relative; there was no stopping this dance my body performed.

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