Writing Prompt: Person, Place, Song

Something a little different. Hope you like it.     

The first time I heard “Bible Black” by Heaven and Hell, I was at a former home absentmindedly strumming my Martin guitar. The television was off, but the DIRECTV and sound receivers were both on so I could hear the crying guitars and Ronnie James Dio’s solemn voice fill the darkened and empty space I occupied. It was the wailing sound that hit me squarely in my chest. My mind went numb and I stared ahead dumbly like a deer in the headlights. Both my arms became dead weights and the pick I was cleverly using to work out a guitar part clattered to the floor. It was after I had laid the guitar on the couch that I regained enough self control to realize that the distorted sound had captured me. Fascinated by what I heard, I closed the distance between me and the television in several strides and turned it on. Stock-still, I watched a CGI music video in black and red play out before me. In the right corner, silhouetted figures I assumed were the band members were swaying and moving to their music. Just left of them, a wyvern carried a black angelic figure up the side of a tower. My head rolled on my shoulders left to right and back again in time with the music. Self control was relative; there was no stopping this dance my body performed.

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