Childhood and Infantile Stroke Statistics

Well it is that time of the year again. It is time for me to do my part and spread the word about childhood and infantile stroke. I would like to provide several links (for you to click if you so desire) which will provide the statistics for childhood and infantile stroke.


American Stroke Association:


In the case of adults, here is a link from the American Stroke Association:

Warning signs of stroke:

The month of May is stroke month as well as pediatric stroke month so spread the word and pass these along to everyone you know as stroke can be a killer when the warning symptoms are not recognized or passed off as “nothing”.

One Stroke Poem (Fists Like Buried Chests)

The fisted hands balled up tight
Presses against the pink cotton shirt

Knuckles white as pearls
Shine in a dimmed light.

Soft mother eyes watch
The sleeping child.

“When will your little fists
Unfurl to grasp my hands?”

A soft caress down one arm
Toward a tightly wrapped hand.

“I await the day you’ll find the key
To this perfect little chest.

Then we can walk hand and hand,
But for now I will treasure

The you I see today.”