Asian Stores with English Words

Pub smell,
Lube now,
Ah chew hotel.

You look board.
Now, let’s play: pleasure time.

Restaurant pause
Stores my ducks at
The most finest address.

Import casual wear:
Black jeans for your ass.

Asia’s Finest English Signs

Hotel New Archaic is found near
Terminal snack stand where
The finest drink drank can be bought.

Please do not give a big voice
At the Bureau of soybean ketchup. Here
I am prohibited from eating and drinking.

Lines of text can be found at:

Signs from Around the World

This machine
has no brain and
moves in mysterious ways.

A tree never
hits an automobile
except in self-defense.

Stop: can’t go
Back, left, right, or

It is very legal
to go off marked trails even though
invisible signs with worms
may chase you.

If you hit the sign,
you will hit the bridge.

Be prepared
for the unexpected, like:
now hiring fried chickens.

“Destroy the computer,” says the picket sign.
To which I replied, “That sign
doesn’t look handwritten.”