Birds Resting and Flighty Horses

Distracted from my book
I begin to look

Around when I spotted a nest
With a bird taking a rest.

What a view that must be
If only I could see

Way up there
Where the weather is fair.

But instead I am down here
As I have this fear

What if I fall from that height
Oh, what a fright!

So here I will stay
I have to write an essay anyway

Sitting out in the sun
Watching the horses run.

I find these horses so neat
With their flighty feet.

Track covering

Yesterday, after reading several poems, I went out to give my horse something to work into the ground since he likes to pace up and down the fence sometimes. It was something that was suggested to me by my dad since my horse has been known in the past to pace excessively up and down the same path.

This poem is the result of the poems I read and the activity of laying bamboo down across my horse’s usual walking paths.

Here’s Laying Bamboo:

Out to return leaf matter to its base element
Bamboo grown out of control 

Placement varied for maximum capacity
Piled high, ready  for transport

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