Anger’s Black Rose

A black rose
with a stem
full of thorns
bloomed rapidly as Anger’s seed rose from
the Mind’s Field.

Memories act as the catalyst, burning the green field,
laying waste to happiness
and setting the stage
for the thorn bush to

After some deliberation,
a spark
of recognition
halts the continual
watering from within.

A foreseeable urge
to pick the blackened rose;
a bow
in acceptance
and acknowledgment:
the plant withers away,
content with the response.

Jumbled Thoughts

Clinging to emotions
Chained to my heart
Unwilling to let go
Even though I despair.

Look at that pair,
Those cardinals just outside
Watch them search
Amongst the leaves.

Irritation at every object;
Am I just a ticking time bomb
Ready to explode randomly
Without a reason?

Don’t trust facial expressions
Which lie to true emotions.
Even those closest to me
Haven’t learned that yet.