Haunting Crow Calls

Distant crow calls-
Haunting reminders of the winter
Just around the corner.

Snowed in is not the issue-
Big chills down south
Equals death to sub tropical natives.

Black ice is hardly seen-
Drivers slip and slide any ways
On puddles after a good rain.

Snow birds fly on down-
To enjoy the sun, block up the roads
Like more than a few’s noses.

Birds of Florida

Inquisitive, but always ready
To take to the skies
Common pigeon on the railing
I respect your bravery.

Obsidian bird brain
Whose feathers glow violet
Always experimenting
I’m amazed at your smarts.

Ever the watchful fisherman
Graceful neck craning
For a better view, Great Blue Heron
I admire your patience.

As white as the snow Florida never sees
The spear your weapon of choice
In the hunt for lunch, Snowy Egret
I acknowledge your skills.

A field for a runway
Sandhill Crane, those legs, that voice
So many would kill to have them
I listen for your long distance call.