A Night in a Village Library

I am an avatar in pixilated
Iron armor, holed up in a village library
While nightmares walk at night.
I create, I destroy the generated

World around my boxy hands and feet.
Teleporting obsidian men carry
Cobblestone, dirt, sand blocks,
Changing this fantasy just like me, altering

The reality until daybreak,
Where “Save and Quit” pauses
This time and The Player
Returns to the circular existence.

Is Tried and True…

Tried and true

Is better than

Something brand new.


Is linearity

Better than

Free reign?


Set story line


Your own path


One or the other

There is no correct answer

Just opinions making judgments


An art created for entertainment;

Even with hard work and love poured in,

Accusations are voiced without a chance.


A player mistake

After discovering

A game’s origin.

Japan’s Brand of Adventure

Losing herself in an adventure
Fantastical in every sense

Getting lost in the story
Focused on another’s life

Role playing Japan’s way
Characters with predetermined tales

A rush of adrenaline
With every lesson learned

While all aware of the passing time
Enjoying the successes, the failures

Games imported from the Rising Sun
Entertain her when no one’s around.