When the Creepers Snuck Up Behind Me (part 5)

Square feet in water
Iron connects, red flashes
Reward: ores and pearls.

This concludes my narrative series of Haikus about a mining adventure in the computer and tablet game Minecraft. As the inspiration strikes me, I may do more of these in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading them. 🙂

A Night in a Village Library

I am an avatar in pixilated
Iron armor, holed up in a village library
While nightmares walk at night.
I create, I destroy the generated

World around my boxy hands and feet.
Teleporting obsidian men carry
Cobblestone, dirt, sand blocks,
Changing this fantasy just like me, altering

The reality until daybreak,
Where “Save and Quit” pauses
This time and The Player
Returns to the circular existence.