Vengeful Gray Sky

Smothered by a steel gray blanket
Encasing machine and life in its embrace;
Winter without the whipping cold.

Heavy drops splatter across the view
Angry red lights, screeching tires.
Waves splash outward, hydroplaning cars.

Crawling after recovery, panic rising
Who will squeeze and nose through?
Who will react and slam bumpers?

Danger escalating with each passing minute
A ray of light, a reprieve from the vengeful sky
Relieves the pressure. All relax into the drive.

Haunting Crow Calls

Distant crow calls-
Haunting reminders of the winter
Just around the corner.

Snowed in is not the issue-
Big chills down south
Equals death to sub tropical natives.

Black ice is hardly seen-
Drivers slip and slide any ways
On puddles after a good rain.

Snow birds fly on down-
To enjoy the sun, block up the roads
Like more than a few’s noses.