Raging Seas

Finding the strength today
Amongst the negativity—
The sludge, always thick.

Hearing this inner
Conversation, a ping pong
Game which never ends;

An eruption gone
Wrong, ejecting soot, lava
Pyroclastic flow

Speeding, rumbling
Down an endless spiral, too
Deep; just stay away!

A sorrowful note
Ringing out, breaking this fog
Settling the seas

Raging all around.
Bolt cutters open the way
As chains drop away

Anger’s catch slipping
Through the net toward freedom.
Peace is beautiful.

A Broken String

A string stretched

Beyond the breaking point

Lays limp between nut and bridge


Rosary nearly perfect

Blemished near the neck

Imperfectly presented


A through high E

Keeping in touch

Tension holding on


Head resisting breaking, cracking

While even taunt pressure

Runs through the body


The sound hole, a mouth

Resonating with raw emotion

As rhythm and harmony ring true.